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How to Succeed at Herding “Sales” Cats: Using Software to Help Manage your Sales Organization

Increasing sales productivity has been one of the highest priorities during the economic downturn as companies struggle to achieve their profit goals.  Cutting expenses is only effective for so long; eventually, sales must increase for a company to consistently grow profits.

Sales organizations have historically been difficult to manage.  While most companies understand the trade-off between a successful sales profile and an easy-to-manage employee, they have found managing successful sales people to be exasperating.

Making it all work challenges the best.  

One activity overlooked by many companies is how to use their Sales Force Automation (SFA) software to drive sales productivity and outcome…and as a result, improve the management of the sales organization.  Properly designed, SFA software can:
•    Help bring order to the sales organization chaos
•    Drive sales success

Companies have options in making their SFA software implementation drive sales productivity and results.  

Increase Sales Productivity

How many companies hire a new sales person and then tell them to do their own prospecting? On one extreme you have sales reps looking through the Yellow Pages (either the printed version or on-line). Or reps are told to drive around in their cars, identify potentially attractive buildings and make a cold call on them.

First, companies must implement a proactive marketing approach to increase sales productivity that’s supported within their SFA program.  Identify the ideal prospect by - industry, company size, systems installed, trucks in their fleet, etc.

Next, import the data into the SFA program.  Once imported implemented, the then assign the new leads to the sales organization and state this is their “Call List”. Sales will be more focused, marketing programs coordinated with sales activities, all enhancing the probability for greater sales success.

Best Practice recommends that another organization, such as Inside Sales or an out-sourced Telemarketing company other than your front-line sales reps make these prospecting calls.

Track Marketing Program ROI

Once the leads are imported and sales on board, an SFA program helps marketing track which programs work best.  As the more productive programs are expanded, sales will receive more and better leads, resulting in increased sales productivity.

You can reinforce your Best Practice sales mMethodology if you assume that the company has identified a sales methodology they wish to employ, the major milestones of this methodology should define the sales stages of their sales opportunity record. The roadmaps include:

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