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Your Web Analytics in 2012

Are you all set in 2012 to easily test and analyze your online marketing data results? Do you understand your customer behavior? Are you optimizing your website and campaign performance?

Even if you have access to reports with good summary data, it’s a challenge to pull out the drill down statistics and data that provides true insight about your site visitors.

Linking web data to your customer data and improving customer communications forces a “seek and find” mode pretty quickly.

For instance, how much of your company’s offline business is influenced by the Web? What‘s the impact of a catalog, social media or direct marketing promotions on web traffic and conversion rates?  How do you target the right customers and prospects based on their recent web behavior? How do you remarket to customers that have visited your site, and left without taking further action?

Web analytics leverage website data. It provides you a fertile source of behavioral insights on individual prospect or customer levels and tracks more than who visited your web home page. It also reveals how they responded to your online campaigns and social media efforts.

This allows you to link this behavioral insight to your data mart (a simple data warehouse focusing on a single subject or functional area, such as sales, finance, or marketing), and make conscious business decisions based on this “enhanced view” of your customers and prospects.

Web Analytics Provide:

  • Powerful and flexible reports: for marketers across the enterprise
  • Individual visitor-level data: “minute” level data
  • Role-based GUI: easy access to dashboards or reports
  • Complete Interactive Marketing Solutions: gives immediate inclusion for outbound-inbound marketing campaigns and programs

Web Analytics Improves Web Marketing Too:

  • Improves marketing results
  • Reduces the process of achieving revenue-enhancing impact
  • Increases speed and responsiveness
  • Provides broader set of marketing data
  • Shares web data
  • Moves quickly from insight to action

The value of using web analytics helps businesses meet the full range of analysis pressures they face today and in the future. Your entire organization gains insight into exactly what their customers and prospects want from them. If you’re interested in a free consultation to learn how web analytics can help your company in 2012, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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