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CRM Sales Lead Management System Assessment

No matter how good your sales force is, we can help them spend more time in front of qualified prospects and less time with distracting administrative activities.  The result is that they will increase both sales results and productivity.

A well-defined sales lead management system:

  • Combines a proven process-driven methodology and technology implementation
  • Enables your company to define and implement a consistent sales methodology that ensures sustained sales success
  • Offers a more objective input to the Sales Force Automation (SFA) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software


Documenting and implementing standard sales processes in conjunction with responsive technology helps our clients utilize their entire organization effectively.

Benefits derived using a CRM Lead Management System:

  • Shorter sell cycles
  • Reduced discounting   
  • Increased win rates                 
  • Higher % of sales reps achieving quota
  • Shorter startup for new sales reps    
  • Integrating marketing and sales efforts
  • Improved forecasting accuracy
  • Reduced cost of sales
  • Empowering sales managers to assess and develop their staff

The Velos Group Sales Lead Management System:

  • Initial Processing
  • Inquiry Qualification
  • Lead Distribution
  • Work the Lead/Reports

Benefits of implementing an SLM assessment system will result in more sales and increased sales productivity while reducing the overall cost of sales. Your sales force will experience a steady stream of qualified leads and will spend more time selling and less time engaged in low-impact, administrative activities. Marketing will gain the information needed to determine which marketing programs are working best to generate qualified sales leads and the costs associated with each program.

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