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Customer Feedback really matters!

As professionals, we all work hard to keep our customers happy.  When some of them take the time to thank us for helping them solve their business problems, it really means a great deal. Below are a few that stand out.

"Mark was amazing, we loved him. We pushed the start back an hour and in hindsight, wish we could have had even that additional hour.

We thought our business and processes were simple but Mark helped us figure out ways to improve and make sure everyone was on the same page about the processes we wanted to continue. Now, we are busy using the new system towards greater potential.

Following the training, we all recognized it was greatly needed to get us going. Nobody has excuses not to use the system anymore. Our training was great and definitely worthwhile. In anticipation of future sessions with Mark, we are already putting together questions and have future customizations in mind.”

~ Debbie, Product Distributor, Bugambilia

“In addition to providing the consulting services covered by our contract, Mark Friedman with THE VELOS GROUP has been a great resource for innovative ideas related to managing a sales team, establishing an effective sales process and using CRM in creative ways to motivate and train salespeople to manage their information and activities. I recommend Mark and THE VELOS GROUP without hesitation to anyone in need of a professional and experienced sales & CRM consultant.”

~ Dave LaJeunesse, Sales Director, Technossus LLC

“Our recent collaboration with The Velos Group headed by Mark Friedman, resolved a significant roadblock for efficiently tracking and quantifying sales and marketing opportunities for HOLDRITE. Mark created a framework within that ultimately allowed our sales managers to better understand our business requirements and track forecasted revenues. For this CRM project to be successful Mark intuitively understood our business strategy and quickly analyzed what was important to our sales and marketing team and to our customers. He also recommended a strong network of other proven vendor partners that allowed us to implement into our day-to-day business, thus ensuring 100 percent project completion. Based on his sound understanding of our business and following the CRM system integration completion, Mark rolled up his sleeves and systematically coached our outside sales team, inside sales team, and customer support group. It was truly refreshing to have a consultant deliver results beyond our expectations. Today, HOLDRITE’s business is thriving, our sales are rapidly increasing, and our marketing presence is dynamic.


We thank The Velos Group for its leadership and outstanding results ... and strongly recommend them!"

~ Tim McConnell, President, HOLDRITE

“I’ve known Mark Friedman for several years. He consulted with MDT early on in our implementation of the SalesForce CRM system. He has a great understanding of the sales process and his knowledge of implementation is excellent. I’ve referred Mark to other colleagues to assist in their CRM implementation. Mark has high integrity and delivers on his commitments. He shows emotional intelligence in working with users from various departments, and communicates well to management. I recommend him highly for these type of engagements. These type of systems tend to impose a certain discipline on an organization that may cause users (especially sales reps) to not be as compliant as you want them to be. Keeping the system simple at first and building in efficiency for the stakeholders helps to promote early adoption and cooperation. Mark is a master in this area.”

~ Mark Monaghan, CEO, Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc.

"Our sales Managers would rather take a pay cut than have taken away from them! Our thanks go out to Mark Friedman for his outstanding work in translating our requirements so well."

~ Sales Manager, National Restaurant Chain

“Thanks for helping me through this process. I came in with definite ideas on how to get it done and you made it more sensible on so many levels. I appreciate your tenacity with my stubborn ways and appreciated your ability to challenge me as we went through the meeting. It was just another day for you, but a very important buildout for me. Thanks for keeping my focus where it needed to be.”

~ Chris Jackson, Communications, PathCentral

“The Velos Group turned us into a lead management machine!”

~ Judy Johnson, Acting Vice President of Marketing, Zoll Data Systems

“TASER engaged Mark Friedman of Cerius Interim Executive Solutions to implement a comprehensive CRM program for us. He coordinated the company’s resources and efforts, quickly determined our requirements with a combination of interviews, an on-line assessment tool (CRM-360) and process mapping. Mark and I defined a phased approach to this implementation and within four months of project start, the initial two phases are in place. Our entire Sales organization (Inside Sales group and five separate selling departments) is aggressively using to produce a centralized sales forecast including a suite of management reports that helps us make faster and better decisions as a company. Mark’s technical and project management skills have made a significant impact on our ability to quickly implement our CRM goals, which will positively impact our achieving strategic sales objectives. I highly recommend Mark Friedman to any company seeking to quickly implement a new CRM project or re-implement a failed CRM project.”

~ Mark Fidelman, Sr. VP Worldwide Sales, TASER International, Inc.

“Thank you for your splendid work on our lead management project.  You did an excellent job during the consultative process to listen to us and understand our business on many levels. By taking such an in-depth look at our organization, your customized recommendations suited our needs and helped us streamline our operations and business processes. You’re a master at finding ways to make significant improvements in our lead management and marketing processes. Your suggestions for improvement are tangible and doable and will help boost our success rate in the immediate future, as well as long-term. I’m sure we will have more projects you can help us with in the future.”

~ Beverly Wallace, Corporate Relations Coordinator, Toastmasters International

“We needed to automate our sales operation because it wasn’t running as effectively as possible. We had few established, consistent processes and procedures and no centralized database of contacts, accounts and sales opportunities. Across three separate divisions, we were using Excel spreadsheets to manage our forecasts. We hired Mark Friedman to determine the best approach to manage our sales process and determine our needs for a CRM software program.  After determining the existing sales process, identifying critical data and needed reports, Mark took our team through a Sales Lead Management workshop to help streamline and optimize this process. Mark was knowledgeable and insightful and his recommendations helped us improve our sales and marketing processes right away. The result will help us reduce the cost of implementation and accelerate our processes.  I heartily recommend Mark Friedman to any company seeking to drive sales and profits by getting a handle on this critical business process.”

~ Michael Schmitt, Vice President, RGS Services

“We can confidently recommend Mark Friedman to any organization seeking to optimize their Sales Lead Management and CRM operations.  Mark employed several different methodologies, including in-depth interviews, Sales and Marketing workshops, ROI analysis, as well as an on-line survey to make numerous insightful process, procedure and organizational recommendations.  He also made many recommendations to help us use software more effectively. Throughout the entire engagement, Mark exhibited an impressive knowledge of Sales Lead Management process and techniques, CRM software and organizational requirements. We are currently actively engaged in implementing the recommendations and anticipate significantly improved results that will drive sales and marketing success in 2008.”

~ Jeff Werner, Marketing Communications Director, Lantronix

“Mark Friedman comprehensively analyzed our sales lead management processes. Our sales reps were not effectively or consistently using the company software, leads and submitted quotations were not getting adequate attention, and we were missing opportunities, and revenue targets. Mark’s blueprint for change earned our investment back in less than one month. I would highly recommend Mark to any company that wants a quick boost in morale and sales - Mark can really help.”

~  Bob Stein, General Manager, Progressive Design Playgrounds

“As a Cerius Associate, Mark Friedman helped implement the CRM system for COMPUmeric.  He was also very instrumental in helping our management group navigate a Strategic Planning session that resulted in developing goals to grow the company. Mark's leadership led us through the process of understanding our unique environment and helped identify the benefits of effective CRM systems and the ultimate selection of Mark is a personable, competent and patient teacher.  With his help we have successfully implemented and Mark has trained all of our personnel.  If the opportunity arises to utilize Mark's skills and talents, I will call on him for future projects.”

~ Jeannie Hankins, President, COMPUmeric


“Mark was a great asset in the 2009 5.11 Tactical implementation.  Providing a tool for our sales team to manage their territories daily, has become extremely useful in lead development, account management, and department focus. Today, opportunities and sales data are tracked and available to all sales reps.  Mark mapped our sales team with their accounts and leads; a big job requiring extensive gleaning and cleaning. Also enhancing the model, Mark provided proficient, efficient and reliable advice and recommendations on marketing and customer service processes and procedures. We are very appreciative of Mark's time and talents.”

~ Matthew F. Sinclair, Executive Sales VP, 5.11 Tactical

“Working with Mark Friedman on the re-implementation of has been a real pleasure. He understands the program thoroughly and connects with the stakeholders quickly, making the education process smooth. We were struggling in our effort to establish a CRM system for the outside sales team. After reviewing with Mark, I realized that there were others in our company such as our inside customer service personnel and our formulation specialist who needed to be connected; this broader connection with both customers and potential customers has really helped us keep track of sales and sales opportunities without dropping the ball. As a consultant Mark is very efficient...he kept us “on task” all the way! I look forward to working with Mark in future training sessions and management counsel.”

~ Bill Cramer, President, Star Milling Company

"The Velos Group was able to analyze our current practices and identify what we could do better almost immediately, from both a sales and a marketing perspective.  As a result of Mark’s work, we have put in place a system that makes us more efficient and helps everyone work together to get the sale.  Overall, Mark has made my...sales force more efficient in their day-to-day activities and sales calls."

~Dan Neill, VP of Sales, EIDE Industries, Inc.

"Our sales process was completely reactive to our clients needs until Mark taught us to take command.  Now our inquiries all flow into a common process that qualifies and distributes them to the right person.  Mark's work with us was essential in preparing us to use the Customer Relationship Manager programming that now acts as a force multiplier for our sales efforts.  As a small company we no longer miss the right opportunities because we are spending time with the wrong leads.  Thanks." 

~ David Specht, Director of Services, Interstrength Associates

"At the MHEDA 50th Annual Conference keynote speaker Mark Friedman of The Velos Group presented techniques on managing sales leads more effectively. We were somewhat skeptical about one of his major points and discussed it with him at great lengths. After just three months into the new approach, we are believers! Our higher quality leads have had a phenomenal impact with our dealers and we couldn’t be more pleased…of course, they are as well. We would highly recommend anyone seeking to gain mind share and drive more revenue in their dealer channel to contact The Velos Group right away."

~ Nathan Andrews, Morse Manufacturing Company

"We were looking for ways to improve our sales and marketing efforts, and the Velos Group approach has been both illuminating and rewarding.   We now have an excellent idea of the characteristics of our customer base, which has helped us better target new prospects. We’re confident it will be substantially better than our previous efforts as a result of your Customer Segmentation analysis.  Your systems approach to objective sales processes and procedures evaluation has highlighted several inefficiencies, and your pragmatic recommendations led to changes that have resulted in increased productivity almost immediately. By implementing several of your Trade Show recommendations enabled us to be more effective and generate more highly qualified leads than we have accomplished at previous shows."

~ Clay Parrill, President, Electrocube

“Thanks for your plan, process, and the execution of your Lead Management program.  Labeltronix appreciates your efforts…and by applying your recommendations, our sales people said they “were amazed” at the quality of leads generated from our recent trade show.  The leads were better and more complete than any others received previously, and as we track the progress of these leads, I am confident we will close a significant amount of business from them." "The Velos Group has done a great job with this project and the next steps could involve your suggestion for the Account Profiling.  As we discussed, the profiling will facilitate future direct target marketing for Labeltronix."

~ John Redgrave, President, Labeltronix 


“Our meeting left me invigorated about our process and the future of our selling system.  I’ve never been in any formal selling training or process, and this appears to me a very cool direction.  Here is an example comparing what our Company structure was a year ago vs. today!  Imagine the task of having to move a car from point 'A' to point 'B'.  We called the football team over and twenty of them gathered around the car, picked it up and moved it to the desired location. This time around we called over the science club, they had a brief conversation, and one of them got into the car, used the key to start it and drove it to the desired location. Thanks Mark for your help on this journey. You are a key to our plan in building a professional selling team. I realize we are just a drop in the bucket organization now, but I believe we can build this small organization into a $50M enterprise. Your expertise is exactly the kind of help we will need. And Mark, I fully intend to keep using what works. So as we have success, you can count on our continued use of your services.”

~ Scott Keuthen, Owner, Amtec Engineering

“We’ve been using The Velos Group for almost a year now regarding various lead management projects and we would highly recommend them! Recently we approached them with a time sensitive assignment and both The Velos Group and the telemarketing service, Global Stride, handled it with great ease.  Utilizing their extensive research and telemarketing tools, they were able to supply all of the information we had requested, all within one week. We are extremely happy with the results of this project and will continue to use them in the future!”

~ Ken Sullivan, Vice President, Marketing, SCA Consumer Packaging

“I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone who is interested in upgrading their contact management program and/or developing their sales lead process. You were extremely helpful to our company in organizing our contact management data base. The ACT software has enabled us to track, sort and report our sales activities much more accurately and has given us the additional tool of having access to the data base for everyone in the company.  We look forward to our continuing relationship with you as a key component of our Marketing Program.”

~ Pete Lauder, Owner, McCombs-Wall

"...By helping to select an outside Telemarketing agency, create a qualifying script and managing the flow of information from the agency to our Marketing and Sales groups, The Velos Group demonstrated to our reseller partners the value of belonging to the Ingram Micro VentureTech Network. We were able to point to sales being generated as a result of the Inc. advertising and his Lead management expertise was instrumental to the success of the program."

~ Rick Sbrocca, Vice President, VentureTech Network, Ingram Micro

"Throughout this project, The Velos Group has demonstrated a thorough understanding of our needs and how to help us achieve our business objectives. I would be pleased to recommend The Velos Group to any company interested in initiating a comprehensive, integrated Lead Management program or in improving any aspect of their existing system. I am confident The Velos Group can provide a significant "value-add" to any company's top line."

~ William R. Atkinson, President and CEO, XLNT, Inc

"When we first rolled out Salesforce we took most of your suggestions and THANK GOD we did, because we are so much happier now with our processes based on your suggestions ... I’m really looking for your input on this part as well."

~ George Laird, Operations Director - AMT Warranty – An Amtrust Company

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Customer Feedback really matters!

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