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Web Analytics: Avoid False SLM Complacency
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Web Analytics:  Ways to Avoid False Sales Lead Management Complacency  

Is your present marketing driving inquiries to your web site? Do you understand your customer's behaviors?  Are you optimizing your website and campaign performance?  These are important questions that you should be considering. 




Web analytics leverage website data - they provide you a fertile source of behavioral insights on individual prospect or active customers and track more than "who" visited your website home page. Web analytics also reveals how visitors responded to your online campaigns and social media efforts. This data is a great first step to any successful Sales Lead Management (SLM) system and is highly recommended as a Best Practice for any organization.


The Missing Link:


My observation in a large number of companies is that they do not effectively transfer web visitor information to their CRM system. Many of my clients' website generate an email that is sent to their marketing rep when a website visitor fills out a form and sends it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


But, this is where the SLM process suffers a fatal break down. Emails typically get forwarded to the appropriate Sales rep and may or may not get entered into the CRM system. As a direct result, and despite all of the best intentions and latest technology on the front end, at this point ... Marketing relinquishes control of the lead and can no longer measure Marketing ROI. 


Three Basic Problem Fixes:

  1. Ensure either Marketing or Sales enters the new Lead into the CRM system as soon as it is received. This is not optimal as the process relies on manual intervention; often during the course of a busy day, people might get busy and forget to enter the data.       
  2. Implement a direct connection from your web forms to your CRM system. employs Web-to-Lead functionality that uses the web form information to create a new lead record as soon as the visitor hits "Submit." Best practice then calls for the new lead to forward these new leads to a Lead Qualification group, either internal or Out-Sourced, have them review and qualify the lead and then assign qualified leads to a Sales rep.         
  3. Implement a Marketing Automation system which natively tracks of website visitor behavior, employs sophisticated Lead Scoring methodologies and integrates the company's website with the CRM system. This class of software drives consistent marketing communications based on the combined information from both systems.  
Big Advantages - Previous Two Approaches:
  1. All Leads are automatically entered into the CRM system; nothing is lost.    
  2. A consistent coding of Lead Source information can be entered onto the Lead record that will allow the generation of valuable Marketing ROI reports.  
  3. A Lead Scoring approach can be employed that allows only the best qualified leads to be passed along into the Sales organization.  
  4. The initial Qualification function will eliminate any bogus leads before they are sent to Sales. We have noted before that tension between Marketing and Sales goes way up when Sales reps receive worthless leads from Marketing.  
  5. Only Leads qualified according to Sales input are forwarded to Sales, thus improving their productivity and much more willing to collect data that Marketing requests. 

Using web analytics is a great way to help businesses meet the full range of analysis pressures they face today and in the future. And, your entire organization gains insight into exactly how their marketing efforts are driving behavior and inquiries.


The true value of this sophisticated front-end process is synchronizing it with the company's CRM system and generating actionable information to extend the analysis on how Marketing activities are driving sales and profits.


If you're interested in a free consultation to learn how best practice SLM processes can help your company, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Mark Friedman


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